Blackout Fabrics

Why Choose Sombra Eco Blind Fabric from Kaydee?

Sombra Eco PVC Blackout fabrics from Kaydee are not just all about light exclusion.

In conjunction with the Kaydee ExcludaTech room dim-out roller
blind, Sombra Eco blackout fabrics offer a very effective light exclusion system which can be used for all areas required for audio-visual presentations and conference facilities, but they offer much more besides.

Because of their construction, PVC laminate enclosing a fibreglass or polyester mesh core, Sombra Eco fabrics are extremely durable and hard wearing. They have a smooth non-porous surface which makes them totally stain resistant and very easy to clean simply by wiping over with a damp cloth. They are also totally colour fast which means that they can be cleaned with disinfectant and even bleached for disinfection purposes without being damaged in any way.

This makes Sombra Eco the ideal fabric for areas involving infection control, areas of extreme humidity or areas requiring regular use and frequent cleaning.


The Sombra Eco range consists of six distinct colours. The most commonly used colours are White, Dove Grey and Ebony – these are the most cost effective choices.

Sombra Eco is widely used across many market sectors for other than blackout purposes, from schools to offices and from public buildings to hospitals – anywhere where durability, frequency of cleaning or infection control is a major issue. This brings the benefits of a PVC fabric to a very broad range of applications.

Sombra Eco is suitable for use either as roller or vertical blinds.




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Colour Options

Sombra Eco Specifications

Blind Type: Vertical/Roller/Blackout

Function: Blackout

Composition: 72% PVC/28% Glassfibre

Cleaning: Wipe Clean

Weight: 425 g.s.m. +/- 5%

Fire Retardance: BS: 5867:1980

Part 2 Type B1