Your solution
for blinds


Innovative and high quality products from Kaydee offer a solution to the control of natural light which reflect the style and quality of the showroom.

Within their range Kaydee offer the precisely engineered Shada 500 system with a 25 year ‘fit for use’ warranty – this serves to underline the quality of the engineering of the blind mechanism. With powered options available, it is quiet and smooth in operation and comes in widths which will span the widest window in one roller.

Fabric Tension systems, which can cover very large areas of overhead glazing, in combination with a selection of screen fabrics, are designed both to control glare and reduce heat in high sunlight conditions. Operated by powerful electric motors these blinds can also be controlled at the touch of a button or wired in to a fully automatic system.

The fabric choice is immense ranging from dim-out to blackout but generally the ideal fabric for a car showroom is a screen fabric which eliminates glare and diffuses light to present the product in its best light, whilst still allowing visibility through to the outside. We are happy to assist in your choice of fabrics to achieve the very best results.

We like to be involved at the very earliest stage of the project to enable us to work together with the client, the architect and the contractor to make sure that we fit the ultimate solution for the situation.