Transparent Retractable Screen

Transparent Retractable Screen

Rules to prevent COVID-19 diffusion require social distancing and impose upon all companies the duty to take all possible precautions to protect their staff. The new SD300 from BURO Shade provides additional protection to both staff and customers.

This new product is a fully transparent retractable screen designed for use particularly between work-stations in offices and call centres to support the practice of social distancing.

Made using a glass clear PVC material, the blind can be easily lowered in times of need to provide a physical but transparent barrier between customers or colleagues and retracted again when the need is no longer there.

Ideal for use in both call centres and offices as the transparent blind doesn’t block any light and so the office retains full light distribution throughout without any impression of reduction in space.

Automatic control operation

Easily operated by a battery powered electric motor, the blind can be raised or lowered by use of the remote control without the need to stretch to operate the blind and equally there are no trailing chains hanging throughout the office.

When not in use the blind is retracted fully to the ceiling and has minimal impact on the overall appearance of the workspace.


  • Physical barrier to germs
  • Maintains visual and social contact
  • Easy to install


Shada SD 300 Technical Data

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Blind Width: 3,000mm

Blind Drop: 2,000mm


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