SHADA 700 & 700 LE

Full Cassette & Light Exclusion Roller Blinds

Shada 700 & 700 LE
Full Cassette & Light Exclusion Roller Blinds

The Shada 700 extends the Shada range of roller blinds by enclosing the mechanism in a full cassette.

The Shada 700 LE extends the range further by offering light exclusion options comprising of side channels and bottom bar both fully equipped with integral light including brush strips.

The Shada 700 range is available with chain, crank and electric operation depending on size and the fabric being used.



  • Fully concealed mechanism
  • Manual or remote operation
  • Colour co-ordinated options to match décor


  • Offers excellent light exclusion
  • Adaptable to cover small or large areas
  • Engineered to cope with high usage environments


  • All round cassette
  • Chain, crank or electric operation
  • Black, white or grey as standard
  • Alternative RAL colours available


  • 80mm lock in side channels
  • Bottom bar with integral brush strip
  • Wide choice of blackout fabrics

Shada 700 & 700 LE Parts



Blind Width:

Minimum System Width: 800mm
Max System Width: 4,500mm

Your choice of fabric may be affected by both the thickness and the weight of the fabric chosen

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