Premium Roller Blinds

Shada 500
A premium roller blind – precise engineering meets elegant style

A precisely engineered orbital gearing system, with spring assist, lies at the heart of the manual Shada 500 roller blind mechanism. The Shada 500 is extraordinarily quiet and smooth in operation and accepts the high loads of very wide spans with no complaint.

All bearings are sealed for life with very low friction roller bearings. This includes the ultra slim intra blind bracket which minimises gaps between blinds and permits the coupling of several blinds to span a very wide window aperture without any operational problem.
The electric version benefits from a powerful high torque, low noise electric motor which can be operated by radio-remote, infra-red or hard wired control systems and can equally be wired into a building management system.


• All components are quality assured and come with an
12 months operational ‘fit for use’ warranty.
• Carefully selected roller tubes ensure no sagging or creasing of
your blind fabric
• Orbital gearing system guarantees ease of operation
• Spline fixing of fabric ensures a permanent attachment
• Link up to 10 blinds and still maintain smooth and precise control
• Energy-store system makes for easy lifting – especially on larger blinds
• Heavy duty brackets ensure fixing for life
• Style comes as standard, which emphasizes the exclusivity of this luxury product


• Roller tube range with internal reinforcing fins to match to span and fabric requirements
• 3-1 ratio orbital gearing
• Fabric locked in top and bottom with secure spline fixing
• Specially designed universal zincplated or RAL coated heavy duty steel brackets
• Fabric fixed by double-sided blind fixing tape
• Sealed for life very low friction roller bearings
• Slim-line inter-blind brackets
• Choose from an exclusive range of Kaydee blind fabrics
• Distinctive bottom weight bar
• Metal bead chain as standard



Shada 500 Technical Data

All images are for illustrative purposes only and are not to scale.

Kaydee has a policy of continuous improvement and reserves the right to update any specification without notice



Shada 500 Parts



Blind Width: 5,000mm

Max System Weight: 10kgs

Blind Drop: 6,000mm

Max Rol Up Diameter: 71mm

Your choice of fabric may be affected by both the thickness and the weight of the fabric chosen


Fabric Name
Sombra Eco

Fabric Type



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