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Glass has become a major feature of building design in recent years. However, the use of large areas of glass whilst enhancing a design space with a flood of light can also generate massive heat build-up.

There are more and more types of glass to choose from but not all issues are foreseen and it is not always economical to vary the glass selection throughout a building according to need.

Under certain circumstances window film is the very best way to modify the glass properties to suit the building. It can be fitted in as the build proceeds as part of the design plan or retro-fitted as problems become apparent.

For example, window film is the ideal way to treat a very large area of glass which gives on to one internal space. Typically atria in large hotels or office blocks benefit from treatment in this way because these are areas where a uniform solution is required.

Large areas of sloping glass are also best dealt with in this way as the film can be applied at one time and needs no maintenance.

There are a large variety of films to choose from which offer design as well as functional benefits. Your need may be to exclude heat to minimize cooling costs, equally you may be looking for a means to provide a striking exterior to an iconic building – either way you will find your solution in the Kaydee range of window films.


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