Made to Measure Blinds

Made to measure blinds are whereby you provide the dimensions of an area such as your window space, where you would like your custom blinds uk to be. Therefore, your made to order blinds will fit perfectly without having to look all over for some blinds that you think might fit. This means for your blinds to provide an aesthetically pleasing look. It’s especially great for people who have an attention to detail!

How do you measure made to measure blinds?

One of the first things that you need to do is find out whether your window has a recess and decide if your custom blinds uk would fit on the inside or the outside of this area. It is best to make sure there is nothing in reach of the recess that could implicate the blind from extending fully. An example of something within the recess that could stop the made to measure blinds from fully extending could be a window handle, fixture or even a phone socket.

A deep window recess allows space for your custom shades to fit cleanly inside showing a neat and tidy look. However, if there is a short recess and you would rather have this space free, we would recommend fitting your made to measure blinds outside of this recess.

If you are trying to fit your made to order blinds without a recess space, we would suggest leaving a 5cm overlap on both sides of your window plus an extra 10cm on the length to ensure that your window blinds made to measure performance is at maximum level.

For the most accurate results you should use a metal tape measure. It is best to measure the width at three alternate points due to the fact that the results might not be the same across the whole recess. You should measure at both ends and also in the centre. Using the smallest measurement as a guide for your width is advised.

When measuring your custom blinds uk length, it is the same process whereby you use the metal tape measure from the top of the recess to the windowsill at three different points and mark the most narrow point.

What is the benefit of having made to measure blinds?

The benefit of having made to measure blinds is mainly that they look aesthetically pleasing and are practical. It would be very frustrating to have blinds that could not fully extend due to something blocking them or being in the way.

Why should someone choose made to measure blinds over other blinds?

If you think about it logically, choosing made to order blinds over regular blinds makes the most sense. If you were to choose regular blinds, you could spend an eternity trying to find blinds that fit your window space with no discrepancies. Even when you’ve come to a decision the blinds you have chosen may still not fit properly! This is why choosing custom blinds uk is the way to go as you can cut out all these issues and rest easy at night knowing your custom shades are right where they need to be.

How can a business or home benefit from having made to measure blinds?

A business can benefit from having made to measure blinds because it would make them look more professional. Imagine walking into an office and seeing all the framed photos on their walls being wonky and not straight. It would give you the impression that the business is messy and are not bothered about doing their job correctly. The same applies for made to order blinds as they look neat and tidy, making the business look neat and tidy too.