Made to Measure Blinds

The advantages of made to measure blinds

There are real advantages to opting for made to measure blinds. Bespoke custom-made blinds are important for a wide range of commercial projects where issues such as ambiance, working environment and security all matter. Blinds are one area of the project where you can’t afford to cut costs.

A tailor made fit

Made to measure blinds are tailor made for your exact requirements rather than being mass produced.  You can have confidence that the blinds will fit your windows when they arrive with no alterations necessary before they can be installed – saving both time and money.

The right size for your windows

Because they’re mass produced and tend to be cheaper, the range of sizes available in ready-made blinds is limited.  The nature of commercial and educational buildings means that window sizes are not standard. Finding a ready-made blind to fit might be tricky but that problem is removed with the made to measure alternative. The same applies to period and non-conventional homes such as chapels or barn conversions.

Greater choice

Ready-made blinds are available in a limited range of fabrics and finishes. Made to measure blinds are custom-made to your requirements meaning that you can have greater input in terms of materials and fabric.

Made to measure blinds are the right choice for many homes and businesses

Opting for made to measure blinds makes sense if you want to prioritise quality and longevity. They fit better, are carefully made and you have a wider choice of fabrics and materials, often of a much higher quality.  If you require blinds to fit windows that are non-standard in dimensions or location, they are the obvious choice.

Made to measure blinds meet your exact requirements and are manufactured to the very highest standards. This gives them added durability ensuring that you don’t have to replace them for many years.

How do you measure made to measure blinds?

The principles behind measuring for made to order blinds is relatively simple. Firstly, you’ll need to establish whether you’re measuring for recess fitting or exact fitting.  If you’re measuring for a window that’s set in a recess of more than 60mm you should follow the following method.  In both instances ensure you use a metal tape measure as cloth ones can often give inaccurate measurements.

Measuring for recess fitting

Measure the width of the recess across the top, bottom and middle. Write down the smallest of the 3 measurements.

Next measure the drop of the recess across the left, right and middle. Write down the smallest of the 3 measurements.

If the window does not have a recess or one of less than 60mm use the following method for exact fitting.

Measuring for exact fitting

Measure the outside area of your window from where you want the blind to start and end.

Measure the window from top to bottom from where you want the blind to start and end.

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