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Luxury Living-The only way is up


As land becomes more scarce and people want to live closer to where they work the only solution is to build higher. 90% of new high rise buildings, defined as a buildings above seven stories, are for residential or mixed use purposes. Mixed use is a combination of hotels shops and entertainment combined with a residential proportion – in other words a high rise community.

A large proportion of these are for high-end luxury apartments, not only in London but also in Birmingham, Manchester Liverpool and other major conurbations.

Our Service at Kaydee Blinds is bespoke to every project, including made to measure blinds for a more of a bespoke fit.

Kaydee Blinds has carried out many installations and is rapidly developing a reputation as the ideal partner to provide innovative solutions which are combined with cutting edge design and products.

Kaydee has many years’ experience in contracting and installations and is used to working to tight deadlines whilst maintaining quality of installation.

Early involvement makes sure that the client has the time to consider all the potential options, both in mechanisms and fabrics, but also ensures that attention can be paid to the finishing detail which reinforces the quality of the product on show.

Early involvement also ensures that all factors involving fitting and timescale are taken into account. We work around your needs to make certain your project runs smoothly. This not only makes for a timely installation but can also be reflected in money-saving measures.