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Kaydee’s vertical louvre, roller and venetian blinds, curtain and tracking systems and other specialist healthcare products can be found in a wide variety of acute, primary and ancillary medical facilities

Total service provision lies at the heart of the Kaydee proposition – offering single-sourced healthcare solutions from specification stage, through unit manufacture and on to system installation and final commissioning.

Its universal range of products – many of them healthcare specific – address the key issues in the industry such as the fight against MSRA and other common infections, whilst ensuring a continuous and consistently high level of patient care, safety and privacy.

Kaydee’s depth of real healthcare experience allows them to be able to develop cost-effective solutions, without sacrificing functionality or flexibility.

Tracking systems that are quick and easy to configure and then reconfigure on a multiple basis and also require a minimum of maintenance, a range of fabrics that are specially designed with anti-bacterial qualities and an innovative, patented anti-ligature mechanism are just a few examples of how Kaydee excels in this field.