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The creation of an environment conducive to learning is widely accepted as integral to its ultimate success, and Kaydee have supported this pursuit with a range of light control solutions applicable to the entire education spectrum.


The modern-day education arena poses many varied and specific light control demands, and Kaydee’s long track-record in this field enables it to successfully satisfy these demands time and time again.

The prevalence of glass in education facility design combined with the extensive use of IT and other multi-media equipment therein intensify the challenges faced.

Protecting against solar glare, totally eliminating natural light in certain circumstances and managing other generated energy matter require a special understanding of the sector, and Kaydee’s extensive range of customisable products and materials can help create the optimum learning environment.


Solutions are developed with increasingly restrictive education budgets in-mind. By maximising heat retention in winter months and also minimising heat gain when the sun shines, valuable cost-savings can be enjoyed in terms of lower energy consumption levels.

Systems are typically robust in nature, requiring little or no on-going maintenance – again ensuring costs are minimised throughout product lifetime.

The key issue of safety is also catered for through the use of fire retardant fabrics, and built-in anti-ligature features are especially important in education facilities populated with young children.