Blackout Fabrics

Why Choose Artisan Blackout ll Blind Fabric from Kaydee?

Artisan Blackout II fabrics from Kaydee are not just all about light exclusion.

In conjunction with the Kaydee Shada 700 LE series blackout roller blinds, Artisan II blackout fabrics offer a very effective light exclusion system which can be used for all areas required

for audio-visual presentations and conference facilities, but they also offer much more besides.

Artisan Blackout II Fabrics have a construction which consists of the same fabric as our standard Artisan dim-out range but is fused to an opaque polyester backing which
gives it the same look as the dim-out range, and yet with an added blackout dimension.


The Artisan blackout range consists of seven distinct colours. Chalk, Linen, Calico, Tin, Thunder, Ash and Carbon.

Artisan Blackout II fabric is widely
used across many market sectors. The textured finish and the neutral colour range means it is equally well adapted to high end apartment or to simple functional applications such as schools or public spaces.

Artisan blackout is suitable for use either as roller or vertical blinds.




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Colour Options

Artisan Blackout ll Specifications

Blind Type: Vertical/Roller/Blackout

Function: Blackout

Composition: 100% polyester fabric

Cleaning: Wipe Clean with a lint free cloth

Weight: 255 g.s.m. +/- 5%

Thickness: 0.35 mm

Fire Retardance: DIN 4102 Part 1